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The two artists present a series of four-handed works on paper, which transform the gallery space into a sort of chapel reworking some frescoes of The legend of St. Francis in the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi. The attribution of this fresco cycle, regarded by many as the beginning of modern latin painting, is one of the most hotly disputed in art history; originally attributed to Giotto, it is now generally accepted that four different hands are identifiable in these works. With Matryoshka Principle, Falcone and Enne Boi activate a multi- layered operation which brings into question the relationship between painting and autorship, enhanced by the decision to show a key piece by a guest artist in each space; as an altarpiece, in the front wall of the white cube stands out a piece by an anonymous Chinese painter which depicts the icon of "Evangelist Luke, painting the icon of the Mother of God" made by an anonymous Russian painter of the 16th century. The painting has been commissioned by Enne Boi and Falcone to a Chinese factory located in Xiamen, which provides hand-made copies of all kind of images through an online service. 


© Gilles Ribero


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